Derby Team: Crude Hitters


Your Name: Carrie Besplug


Do you have any athletic experience?:  Not a whole lot.


Do you have any skating experience?: Very little.


Do you have any roller derby experience?:  No


How often do you train/practice?: Twice a week.


Why did you get involved with roller derby?:  I have always been curious about the sport. When I got the call I couldn’t resist.


What is your derby nickname?:   Nukls Kisses


How did you get your derby nickname?:  It’s a bit of an ode to love :)


Do you use any notable equipment?: No


What is your favorite part of roller derby?:  The team. Being with an amazing group of women. It’s like a gift I didn’t  know I needed.


Do you have any tips for upcoming derby players?:  Don’t be hard on yourself. It will come.