Derby Team: Crude Hitters



Your Name:  Jenny Larocque



Do you have any athletic experience?:  Yes, I do some sort of activities. Strengthening on a regular basis.



Do you have any skating experience?:  Absolutely none! I was  running on my skates when I started.



Do you have any roller derby experience?:  Nope!



How often do you train/practice?: 2-3 times a week. Around 6 hours a week.


Why did you get involved with roller derby?:  I thought it would be fun with this great group of women. I also learned to skate which is a huge bonus!



What is your derby nickname?:   Drag Her



How did you get your derby nickname?:  My maiden name is Dreger. It’s usually miss pronounced, So I just split it up and it worked as a derby name!



Do you use any notable equipment?:  Concussion proof helmet and mouth guard



What is your favorite part of roller derby?:  Being able to block the Jammer and hitting her out of bounds. It’s even better when you buddy up with another blocker to do it.



Do you have any tips for upcoming derby players?: Step out of your comfort zone!  Just do it! Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’ll be surprised at what you actually accomplish