Derby Team: Crude Hitters


Your Name: Anita Thomas


Do you have any athletic experience?:  Just high school sports. Baseball in the Summer.


Do you have any skating experience?: Played rec hockey with friends as a kid.


Do you have any roller derby experience?:  No


How often do you train/practice?: 2 times a week.


Why did you get involved with roller derby?:  It was something new and exciting. I had never seen a game before and thought it would be pretty fun to try! The outfits are pretty cool too!


What is your derby nickname?:   Sweet Marie


How did you get your derby nickname?:  My middle name is Marie and Chew Toye kept calling me Sweet Marie. So it stuck!


Do you use any notable equipment?: No


What is your favorite part of roller derby?:  My favorite thing about derby is the whole game itself. It’s exciting, action packed and full of hard hits.


Do you have any tips for upcoming derby players?:  Don’t be afraid to try it out!  Get in there, get low and  hit hard!