Derby Team: Crude Hitters


Your Name: Britenie Georget


Do you have any athletic experience?:  Yes. I raced motocross and figure skated.


Do you have any skating experience?:  Yes. I competitively figure skated.


Do you have any roller derby experience?: Nope. First time!


How often do you train/practice?:  Practice twice a week. TRX twice a week and yoga once a week.


Why did you get involved with roller derby?:  Lots of us talked about it for a long time. We finally did something about it. It always seemed like it would be lots of fun!


What is your derby nickname?: Black Betty


How did you get your derby nickname?:  Chewy always called me Betty and the team did even before I even got my name! It was the only thing that seemed to fit!


Do you use any notable equipment?: Not really! Still too new.


What is your favorite part of roller derby?: I love the competitive part! I love working hard and being part something so great. There’s something about being a Jammer. Knowing 4 girls are out to stop you and you can muscle your way through! I like the violence!


Do you have any tips for upcoming derby players?:  Get comfortable being uncomfortable!