Derby Team: Crude Hitters


Your Name:  Joelle Johnston


Do you have any athletic experience?:  Years ago! LOL!


Do you have any skating experience?:  Roller and Ice when I was a teenager. Years ago! LOL!


Do you have any roller derby experience?:  No.


How often do you train/practice?: Twice a week, 2 hours minimum each time.


Why did you get involved with roller derby?:  I needed this in my life, my family supported and encouraged me to join!


What is your derby nickname?:   Steam Rollin’ Jo


How did you get your derby nickname?:  Worked as a steamer in oil patch. Bit of a pushy personality.


Do you use any notable equipment?:  Hockey helmet to prevent concussions.


What is your favorite part of roller derby?:  Everything! I get so much out of it. Mentally, physically and spiritually!


Do you have any tips for upcoming derby players?: Start push ups and sit ups today! Don’t say “I can’t” until you try!