Derby Team: Crude Hitters


Your Name: Tanis Jenson


Do you have any athletic experience?:  Yes.


Do you have any skating experience?:  Some rollerblading when I was younger.


Do you have any roller derby experience?:  None!


How often do you train/practice?: Twice a week on skates. I try for 4 days a week at the gym for strength and endurance.


Why did you get involved with roller derby?:  It started out as “me time” and turned into something I can’t live without!


What is your derby nickname?:   Molly Tov


How did you get your derby nickname?:  Just kind of popped into my head one day.


Do you use any notable equipment?:  No


What is your favorite part of roller derby?:  That I can always improve and that I get to meet so many people!


Do you have any tips for upcoming derby players?:  If you are looking for a challenge, this is it!